Calculating a Downswing Angle: How to Create an Elite Swing Shape
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Wednesday, 11 April 2012

AVAILABLE NOW   In the May Slowinski at large, in Bowling This Month,  I introduce the concept of the downswing angle and how to measure it for instructional and evaluation purposes. For elite bowlers, the downswing angle is measured from behind as the ball path travels from the top of the swing through the downswing. For the best players, the ball moves inward toward the player’s body and is one of the most important movements of a top notch player. An efficient downswing angle is a result of the movement of the player’s torso, forearm, and wrist. Specifically, a great downswing is a product of lateral spine tilt (lateral flexion) and supination/opening of the forearm and wrist to establish a strong position into  the release.

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