2-Handed Thumbless Delivery Drills
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Friday, 15 February 2008

ImageIn my continued attempt to help develop training methods for the 2-handed thumbless delivery, I offer two drills for coaches and players experimenting with this delivery.  Specifically, in this document, I provide readers with details of two drills I have created to help bowlers develop the delivery components of the two-handed thumbless delivery.  The first drill focuses on promoting the finish position as well as the hand position that leads to the success implementation of this delivery.    In the near future, to supplement this document, I plan to post a video of the proper execution of both drills.  The second drill develops the bowler’s ability to move smoothly through the unique skip-skip element of this powerful delivery.  Both drills will assist players and coaches in experimenting with or implementing practice components of the two-handed thumbless delivery.

Download the 2-hand thumbless delivery development drills document here  (341 KB) 
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