The Hidden Obvious: When the Lane Pattern Lengthens By Itself
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Wednesday, 18 July 2007
As a coach, I am often making an effort to get the bowler to observe more closely.  Well, one of the most important observations a player can make has to do with the actual lane condition.  In this short article, I share information about a very important hidden secret that isn't really hidden.  But, hey, you can't see if you don't look.  Read on to learn more....

Observing the Hidden Secret

This is not a high-tech tip on managing lane conditions.  But, in many ways, it is more important.  Sometimes the lane condition is not what is seems to be.  Rather, the published information is sligthly different than what is should be.  Yet, this is something that can be seen.  But, you can't see if you don't look.

At tournament time, the bowler reviews the lane condition and the coach helps his/her players interpret the pattern.  But, has the lane person actually started the lane oiling immemdiately after the foul line?  Or, is there some distance between the foul line and the oil?  If so, this extra distance will push the pattern length longer.  And, this will impact how you play the lane.

If you have read my exit point and targeting articles, then you know how important the actual length of the lane condition can be to improving your pocket percentage.  So, I teach all of the bowlers I work with to pay attention to the hidden truth of the lane oiling.

Accordinly, here are a few simple tips to help you see the hidden obvious truth of the lane condition you are bowling on in competition.

(1) Before the start of your warm-up, go to the foul line and see the distance from the foul line to the start of the oiling.  Do this for every lane you bowl on in this event.

(2) Check this on a daily basis and on every lane you bowl.


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