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Bulgarian National team member Mariana Meteksinova shoots 236 289 225 179 255 246 (1430) scratch for 6 game qualifying.  Grip change, swing work and quiet eye!  The next day Mariana, as the # 1 seed, went on to win the entire tournaments shooting 182 in the quarters, 257 in the semis and 216 (back 6 strikes) to win the tournament!


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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Sunday, 28 January 2007
Read my proposal, sent to BPAA and USBC, to start a new national youth competition that supports skill over score.  Modeled-on the Run, Pass and Kick or Drive, Chip and Putt, Strike, Spare and Split would offer us the opportunity to emphasize overall skill development of our youth bowlers.  This idea has great potential to add more opportunity for out youth bowlers.

SUBMITTED to USBC and BPAA on January 29, 2007, via E-MAIL

I have had an idea for years about a national youth competition that emphasizes and promotes skill development over score.  This competition could be a joint project and promoted through High School Bowling, USBC Youth Programs and BPAA.  It is modeled-on the Run, Pass and Kick or the Drive, Pitch and Putt youth competitions that have been so successful.  I am proposing a Stike, Spare and Split Competition.  Youth bowlers would enjoy this and it gives a chance to feature a competition that showcases overall bowling skill.  College bowling scholarship money can be awarded to the national finalists.

The idea is simple and starts-out at the local area or regional program.  For example, BPAA member centers could choose to participate  Divisions would include: 10-12 girl and boy, 13-14 girl and boy, 15-16 girl and boy, 17 - 18 girl and boy. 

The competition could culminate as a 30 minute TV final at the Junior Gold or a PBA event.  USBC Certified coaches could give a clinic at each local or regional event.  And, our bowling stars could do a clinic at the final as well.  The event has great potential.  It could also become a fun event at the Intercollegiate Bowling Championships.

The competition would be in three phases at each event.  All bowlers are involved in each phase.

PHASE # 1: Each bowler gets 12 shots to hit the pocket and strike.  Each strike is worth a strike symbol.

PHASE # 2: Each bowlers would shoot at a series of spares: 7-pin,10-pin, 3-6-10, 2-4-7. 6-10, 4-7, 2-8, 3-9,  2-4-5. 3-5-6, 3-6-9-10, 2-4-7-8.   Each conversion is worth a strike symbol.

PHASE # 3: Each bowler attempts to convert splits (and wash-outs) would include: 2-7, 3-10, 5-10, 5-7, 4-9, 6-8, 2-10, 3-7, 2-4-10, 3-6-7, 1-2-4-10. 1-3-6-7.  Each split conversion is worth a strike symbol.

The 1-7-10 would be used as a tie-breaker

This competition could be a national contest with regions.  Each region could have the top 3 earn a trip to the state finals with each state sending a finalist.  Or, it could go with 10 region with 2 in each division making it to the finals.

12 strike shots, 12 spare shots and 12 splits….  Each conversion is worth a symbolic strike…. Winner is the individual with the most “strikes” 

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