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Slowinski was announced as the recipient of the 2009-10 Men's Natonal Coach of the Year by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association.  Coach Slowinski is the Head Coach of the Webber International University bowling program as well as the Men's Head Coach. 


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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 23 September 2006

This article from The Foundation (Kegel) The Cornerstone newsletter, May 2006, discusses the keys to success associated with lining-up and making adjustments.

Keys to Success: Lining-Up and Making Adjustments 

The Foundation (Kegel), The Cornerstone, May 2006

(*Used with Permission *) 

“Lining Up”  

ALL Top Level (Elite) bowlers have enough talent to hit the pocket.  They have worked hard and have honed their physical games to have this innate ability.  The difference between the “Good” bowlers, the “Very Good” bowlers and the “Great” bowlers is in their talent and knowledgeable ability to “Line-Up” and “Adjust” properly when the lanes and/or the environment changes.  


“Lining-Up” properly will always result in above average pin-carry.  Keep in mind that IT IS NOT “how often” you hit the pocket, IT IS “HOW” you hit the pocket.  Remember what creates good pin-carry: A). Being Lined-Up properly.   B). Execution.  C). Using the right ball.  

You must always “Line-Up” according to your particular game (NOT somebody else’s).  Being properly lined-up will result in pin carry of better than 60% striking percentage.  NOT being properly lined-up will result in less than 60% striking percentage – it’s really that simple.  

THE REASON?? Even though your pocket percentage may be the same as those ahead of you on the leader board, your strike percentage will be lower because of “Correction Shots” (with your hand and/or your arm-swing) that you made at the Foul-Line from NOT being properly lined-up.  


Bowling lanes and the environment are very unstable due to surface wear and the extremely thin coating of lane conditioner (oil) which is measured in millionths of an inch.  Oil is simply a liquid that will move as the ball continues to roll through it.  Adjustments are NECESSARY.  


When making adjustments, you must always stay in your own game.  For instance, if you are a “tweener” with a 2-3 board “head belly”, it is not wise to suddenly think that you can “open-up” the lane and become a “cranker” (unless you are a SUPER STAR that is in the Hall of Fame).  

STAY IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE.  Make parallel moves – even if that means changing balls.  Going to another ball, and knowing what ALL of your equipment does, is so very important.  

 “Closing Reminders”  

Always know exactly what you are doing.  Focus.  Concentrate.  Be aware.Always know exactly what the lanes are doing.  Pay attention to the conditioner transition.Always know “IF” the lanes are CHANGING, or if it is just YOU and YOUR execution.Once you know exactly what is going on, then you can make the proper adjustments. 

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