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Experimental Tip # 4: Visual Target to Aid in 4-Point Release PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Sunday, 18 March 2007
I have received a number of questions on how to execute the 4-Point Release System.  In this experimental tip, I explain an additional method that will help you better implement the 4-Point Release system.  Specifically, you can use the masking unit to help guide your follow-through to create a specific release, especially the 45 degrees of axis rotation.

To start, read the 4-Point Release System article in the My Articles in PDF section.  This will provide you with the base of the system and how-to adjust your axis rotation of your release.  Specifically, the 1 o'clock follow-through will help you to realize a consistent 45 degree axis of rotation.

Click here to read the 4-Point Release System article

Click here to read the Clarification statement on the 4-Point Release System

The experimental tip is designed to help you improve the execution of the 45 degree release.

(1) As you set-up on the approach, view the masking unit to your right (RH bowler) or left (LH bowler).  The idea is to establish a visual point that represents a 1 o'clock position relative to your body.

(2) Look at your visual on-lane targets, then look at the point on the masking unit in which you want your thumb to follow-through towards.  Do this back-and-forth two to three times.  You want your mind to register where you want your thumb to follow-through towards at the end of the follow-through.  This is especially important when executing the 1 o'clock release, where the thumb should proceed toward.

(3) After locking back to your visual target, do not look back.  Your mind has registered where to go as you throw the ball and follow-through.  Don't forget to visualize a shot you want to make.   

(4) Experiment with this method to determine if it helps you improve your consistency with this specific release. 

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