What Is Your Focus IQ?
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 03 February 2007
In this month’s issue, I explore the concept of a Mental Focus Intelligence Quotient (F.I.Q.) for bowlers.  As an elite bowler, your F.I.Q. is a critical element to your mental strength because it illustrates at what level of commitment to excellence you are dedicated to in the sport of tenpin bowling.  For those with a high F.I.Q., they take each shot with the same dedication and energy, a high mental focus.  They are focused with great attention to detail on all of the bowling tasks at hand.  These type of bowlers, focus on every aspect of the game and with an equally high level of energy.  On the other hand, those low on F.I.Q., are bowlers who will not reach their full potential since they are inconsistent with focus, mental energy and commitment on the lanes.  Are you one of these?  Do you suffer with a lack of bowling focus?  From my perspective, this is like an illness inflicting many bowlers game with a lackadaisical approach.  Or, rather, are you mentally strong with a world-class approach to mental focus.  What is your F.I.Q.? 

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What Is Your Focus IQ?  Take the Test, Bowling This Month, Dec 2006 (Actual Published Article from BTM - Larger File)

What Is Your Mental I.Q.?  Bowling This Month, December 2006 (Submitted to BTM)