International Tenpin Bowling Coaches Association
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 20 October 2012
The first issue of the International Tenpin Bowling Coaches Association is ready to read. Articles from Jason Belmonte (PBA Champion), Bill Straub (U of Nebraska), Nick Siefers (Global 900), Nicholas Tomaszewski/Ron Hickland (Ebontie), Hank Boomershine (Storm), Tomas Leandersson (Swedish National Coach), Eric Couralt (High Level Director & National coach, Fédération Française de Bowling et de Sport de Quilles), Scott Hewitt (Vice President of Marketing, MOTIV Bowling) and an article on conditioning/fitness of a NCAA Bowling Program.

The International Tenpin Bowling Coaches Association is a convergence of passion and frustration. All too often, too few have access to current information and others will not share it. Moreover, I wanted to faciliate something that is truly open and not politically or profit motivated. The main objective of this effort is to bring together some of the most knowledgeable people in the bowling world (coaches, manufacturers, trainers, etc.) to share their insight in an effort to improve coaching around the world. The topics will focus on many subjects including technical topics related to bowling balls and lanes, team training methods, evaluation of players, etc. With such a decentralization of ideas, the bowling world will be a better place and more coaches will possess a new set of ideas to implement. With this in mind, you will hear from some new voices which will open new horizons.

The ITBCA will not have a membership fee or charge for access to this articles. I have donated the web space to host this initiative. Contributors have been informed that the goal is one article per year to serve the purpose of keeping ideas fresh as well as to not burden any single contributor.

Interesting, a few have declined an invitation to share their insight. I am very thankful to those who have contributed to our first newsletter. I hope it gets you to think.

Joe Slowinski, USBC Gold Coach, Founder & Editor, ITBCA

Joe Slowinski
USBC Gold Level Coach