BTM Roundtable:
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Thursday, 20 May 2010

ImageIn the June 2010 issue of Bowling This Month, I was asked to be part of a roundtable discussion with Chris Barnes, Mike Shady and Susie Minshew.

Each of us responds to two specific questions sent-in from BTM readers

(1) I never use tape in my thumbhole but other bowlers tell me that I should.  I've noticed that some bowlers put tape in the front of their thumbholes, some put it in the back, and others use tape that goes directly on the thumb.  What do you think is the best thing to do?

(2) Most of my leagues or tournaments are on sport or PBA conditions.  I find now that when I bowl on this wet/dry house shots that I have problems controlling my bowling ball. I feel that I'm more consistent and accurate than many other bowlers on that wall,but they seem to have more area than I do.  What can I do to score better on these wet/dry conditions?

Download the Roundtable Discussion in PDF (2.03 MB)

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