Surface 101: A Primer on Surface Change
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Monday, 28 January 2008
ImageIn Surface 101, I have compiled a wealth of important information on bowling ball surface and surface change into one 9 page document to help bowlers and coaches.  Specifically, this document will provide readers with insight into the elements of surface change, surface properties, how-to change the surface, ball reaction after surface change, qualities of specific abrasives, qualities of specific polishes, how-to maintain and deep clean a bowling ball, how-to sand a bowling ball for a specific ball reaction as well as subsequent ball motion. 


To educate bowlers and coaches about various elements of ball surface as well as to provide an overview of how changes in the surface of a bowling ball impacts ball motion.


 ·          What Does the Research Find About the Affect of Surface Change on Ball Motion? 

·          General Overview of Surfaces 

·          Grits of Common Abrasives (Abralon, Scotch Brite, Taxi) 

·          Grit & Ball Reaction Equivalents of Ball Polishes 

·          How-To Sand to Alter Ball Motion 

·          How-To Deep Clean Your Bowling Ball for Pennies 

·          Microscopic Views of Cover Materials

Download this document by clicking here (346 KB) 

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