The 2000 WTBA Technical Committee Report
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Friday, 31 August 2007
When ex-WTBA president Dr. PS Nathan called for a World Symposium on the state of bowling, in 2000, he brought together some of the most knowledgeable names in the bowling industry.  From this meeting, the world standard of short and long patterns emerged as well as many other important updates.  For those who care about the sport of bowling, this was one of the most important meetings in our sport's history.  Read the report of the Technical Committee, written by Sid Allan, here.  The Technical Report also shares how the committee defined who the best bowler was.... Click to read more and download the report.

WTBA Technical Committee Congress Report, 2000


"In early 2000, a World Symposium was called by WTBA President PS Nathan and held in Malaysia where guest speakers addressed many perceived problems related to the 'State of Bowling'. In addition, an open forum was encouraged to allow voices from all areas of the world to debate issues they felt important to their region. Immediately after its conclusion, a Technical Committee was appointed. They met for three days to address the issues illuminated in the symposium and look for possible solutions.  

The three-days of this Technical Committee meeting were heated to say the least. Many years of frustration had been pent-up in many of the attendees and each was given a chance to voice their views. Eventually, the committee was able to roll their sleeves up and get down to work on addressing the issues raised."


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