Use a Visual Reference to Help Find Target at Exit Point
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Monday, 06 August 2007
In this short article, I discuss an important strategy of finding the end of the oil condition to improve your accuracy in tournament play.  Coaches should find the end of the pattern before a tournament and players must find a way to accurate find the end of the pattern.  This no nonsense method discussed ahead is a practical way to achieve accuracy and will yield big dividends for those who do it.


Use a Visual Reference to Help Find Target at Exit Point

An important part of lane play is determining the exit point.  Although you might actually know the distance of the pattern, it is best to know exactly where the lane condition ends.

(1) Before the start of the practice round or when possible, take a quick stroll down the lane, on the side, next to one of the end lanes.

(2) Find the end of the lane condition.

(3) Look on both walls, one closest to you as well as the other on the other end.  Is there anything that aligns with the end of the pattern?  If so, use this visual as a guide.

(4) When on every pair, use the guide on the wall to help see the end of the pattern.  Use this guide to line-up and see a target on your pair that is approximately at the end of the pattern.


Sometimes, there is nothing to use as a visual guide on the wall.  Literally, there is no image, advertisement or anything near the end of the pattern.  So, you have to be creative with what you have available to you to look at down the lane. So, do not forget to look up or down. 


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