Taping the Lane for for Target and Lane Play Practice
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Monday, 09 July 2007
I provide readers with an effective way to tape the lane for practice.  This will be useful for both coaches and players.

Taping the Lane for Effective Targeting and Lane Play Practice

==> Put a 3 inch (8 cm) piece of highly visible tape in 5 foot increments as seen below.  The idea is to help the bowler have a good sense about making 5 foot adjustments, up and down the lane.  Moreover, this will allow the bowler to see the effect of looking further or closer.  And, it will also provide the player with a more accurate sense of what specific distances are in reality.

==> In addition, tape the exit point.  The exit point is determined by lane condition length - 31.  This is where the bowler should have the ball exit the end of the pattern.

==> Have the bowler start at the exit point with their eyes and draw a line back to the visual target distance.  Vary the visual target and have them reflect on the impact of changing the distance, up and down the lane.  Be sure to remind the bowler that the angle from the exit point to the visual target should be on the angle made from their body perpendicular to the exit point.

==> Vary the length of the condition to practice various angles. Below you will see two different patterns taped for practice.

39 foot pattern

42 Foot Pattern

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