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When it rains it pours! Aldo Samperio from the first camp in Mexico shot 300 last night. And, Arturo Gonzalez, from the 2nd camp in Mexico City, shot his first 300 last night at a different bowling center. And, a few days ago, Victor Vazquez from the 2nd camp shot 289. Lina Garcia Jimenez shot her first ever 700 on February 21st. Both camps were completed in mid to late January. Six weeks+ after training is often a breakthrough moment!  Coach Slowinski Conducted 13 days of training in Mexico City and the State of Mexico in January 2013.


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Improving Your Spare Shooting PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Follow these tips to improve your spare shooting.  This provides some physical and mental game advice on how to shot spares more consistently.

Follow these steps and tips to increase your margin of error and improving your spare system.  I also recommend that you read my advanced spare shooting article to learn about a system of where to start and move to increase your spare shooting.

(1) Use a Plastic Ball

Using a plastic ball increases the margin of error since the ball will skid more and have less backend reaction when a release mistake is made (e.g., rotating around the ball)

(2) Hold the Ball Higher in the Stance

When you hold the ball higher in the stance it increases your ball speed leading to more skid and a straighter ball path.

(3) Break the Wrist

When you break your wrist, you reduce the amount of revolutions reducing the backend reaction and increasing the margin of error.

(4) Spread the Pinky Wide and Keep the Index Tight to the Middle Finger

By spreading the pinky wide, you will promote more end-over-end roll, increasing your ability to throw straight and reduce the backend reaction.

(5) Visualize a Dark Black Target Line and Roll Over the Line

When you visualize a dark thick line, from the pin to the target, you are setting your mind to throw straight on that line.  Paint this line in your mind, from the arrows to the contact pin or pins.  Now, throw to the line and roll the ball on this mental path.  Be sure to look up and down the line multiple times before going.


(6) Set Your Body Perpendicular to the Target Line

 Be sure that your body is perpendicular and your arm and shoes are parallel to the target line.  When you visualize the thick, dark line it is easier to line-up your body.  Walk parallel to the line and push toward the target.

(7) Target Longer to Promote More Skid and Increase Accuracy

In addition, target longer down the lane on the target line.  The longer you look down the lane, the straighter the ball will go to the target.

(8) Lead with your Pinky or Elbow to the Target

I teach bowlers to lead with the tip of the pinky to the target in order to promote a straight end-over-end roll.  This works for most.  In the event bowlers still turn their hand, I ask them to lead with the elbow to the target.  This will reduce rotation of the wrist and lead to the desired end-over-end throw.  The idea is that the pinky or elbow will be project over the target.  Literally, you want this to be what leads everything else through the target.  Imagine the tip of the pinky throwing over the target or the elbow leading the follow-through.

 These tips will make you a better spare shooter by setting the stage mentally in addition to allowing you to throw straighter. 


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