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Slowinski was announced as the recipient of the 2009-10 Men's Natonal Coach of the Year by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association.  Coach Slowinski is the Head Coach of the Webber International University bowling program as well as the Men's Head Coach. 


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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Thursday, 18 January 2007
Joe Slowinski has developed a coaching system that is easy to teach for coaches and easy to learn for bowlers.  Based on easy to use reference points, bowlers learn to have hundreds of ball reactions by easily and accurately altering ball speed, axis of rotation, axis tilt, revolutions and loft.  With this reference-based system, bowlers can easily learn to accurately change the amount of skid, arc and backend reaction for a dependable ball response. 

Specifically, by using easy to remember and easy-to-use points of reference, Slowinski teaches bowlers how to create complex ball reaction changes that effect three important things: (1) length of the skid, (2) the amount of arc as well as (3) the strength of the backend reaction

Specifically, bowlers learn points of reference to create 9 different Axis of Rotations, 3 Axis Tilts, 5 Ball different  Speeds, 5 revolution rates and 2 different lofts.  And, since it is a reference system, bowlers can more accurately change these factors and repeat the quality shot they want. Collectively, this leads bowlers to be able to make as many as 9 X 3 X 5 X 5 X 2 or more than 1350 ball manipulations with  one bowling ball.   For a sample of the system, read about the 4-Point Release System (PDF, 2.98 MB), published in Bowling This Month.

In addition, Slowinski has developed a complex 3-Point Targeting system that is based on research to ensure the most appropriate place to play the lane to maximize margin of error in order to hit the pocket more frequently and consistently. 

Slowinski has also developed a national youth development program as well as a national team training program based on this system.  It is the easiest system in the world to create complex ball reaction changes.  

The national team training program consists of an annual training program to acquire the ball reaction skills, mental skills and fitness level to be a world-class player.

The youth development program consists of three developmentally appropriate modules: BEGINNING, INTERMEDIATE and ELITE. 

The beginning module develops bowlers from beginning to the full approach with a solid physical foundation, beginning lane play strategies  and a successful spare system.  The approach ensures the bowlers have mastered balance and a free swing at this level to prepare the bowlers for the second developmental level. 

Module 2, INTERMEDIATE, solidifies the physical game and develops an elite release, advanced lane play and world-class spare system.  Bowlers will acquire knowledge of a research proven system to play the lanes with a 2-point target system.  In addition, the mental game begins at this stage. 

Finally, at the ELITE level, the bowlers learn advanced lane play as well as develop their mental game to a world-class level.  Bowlers will master knowledge leading to skills that create more than 1000 ball reactions as well as a 3-point system to play the lanes properly and remain competitive on any condition.

These can be utilized for youth development or national team implementation. v Each module is designed to teach a week-by-week curriculum over one year leading to advanced proficiency at each level.  The modules also consist of a fitness component.  Bowlers with talent who begin at age 7-8 are likely to proceed to level II at 10-11 leading to a move to level III at 13-14.  After 3 years of the ELITE LEVEL module, these bowlers are ready to conquer the world with world-class knowledge and skill.  The ELITE LEVEL module is also applied as a national team training program.

 Contact him at   This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it    if you want to learn more.

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