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"I am impressed by his way of answering so many questions, not only providing answers but also offering a key, something to think about, to improve or to solve a problem….I can easily see the improvement of my students and their enthusiasm. Joe is passionate, professional and able to pass on his love of bowling, that is the most important thing. Thank you Joe!" - Maria Cristina Sgrosso, Director, Key Step Bowling School, Naples, Italy


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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 30 September 2006

Top bowling coach Joe Slowinski is in the process of writing a book designed to help youth program as well as high school and college coaches run an effective tenpin bowling program.  The book will include effective week-by-week training programs as well as instruction on how to teach your bowlers and run your program. Click more to see the chapter content of the book as well as how to contact him.

Coaching Tenpin Bowling: The Guide to Developing Championship Youth, High School & College Teams is the first book that provides bowling coaches with a training program for a competitive youth, high school or college bowling team including a detailed training schedule and fitness program. Coaching Tenpin Bowling will help you train your team as well improve your ability to diagnose problems, develop a plan and help facilitate corrections in each of your individual bowlers.  In addition, the book will provide you with a proven training process that will help develop your athletes reach their best.  Contact Joe at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   to ask questions or reserve a copy of the book.


Chapter 1: Your Role As Coach in Preparing Champion Bowlers  = Chapter 1 draws on research of olympic champions to share insight into the important role a coach plays in developing champion athletes.  In addition, the chapter will discuss general coach effectiveness practices.


Chapter 2: Initial Assessment of Your Bowlers’ Skills = Chapter 2 discusses the important elements of the physical game and what to look for as a coach.  This will include a form that a coach can use to capture the data of individual players.   

Chapter 3: Data Collection and Individual Athlete Portfolios = Chapter 3 will reveal a data collection system that can be used to diagnose individual bowler need as well as measure progress over time.   

Chapter 4: Training Your Bowlers to Manipulate Ball Reaction = This chapter will teach coaches how to teach bowlers how to change the ball reaction with various releases and finger tricks.  Bowlers will learn more than 450 ball reactions with one bowling ball. 

Chapter 5: Advanced Lane Play = This chapter will start with a brief overview of some of the traditional ways to adjust to lane conditions.  The chapter will move into more advance methods as I discuss advanced targeting systems as a follow-up to the ball reaction chapter.   

Chapter 6: The Mental Game = Chapter 6 will share research on the mental game and provide guidance on incorporating a number of important domains: self-efficacy, imagery (process & product), pre-shot routine, visualization, self-affirmations, etc.   

Chapter 7:  How to Conduct the Drills = This highly graphical chapter will illustrate how to conduct specific drills as well as the purpose of the drills. 

Chapter 8:  Fitness for Bowling = This chapter will outline the importance of fitness for developing champion bowlers.   

Chapter 9:  The Training Schedule = This chapter will outline several training schedules including a curriculum and student skill sheets.  

Resources = The book will have many reproducible copies of materials and training tools for the coach and bowler will be included.  This will help the coach track data and progress as well as your bowlers learn. In addition, additional references and web site links will be included.

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