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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Sunday, 16 September 2007

ImageHere is a process that will allow you to download embedded flash videos, such as those on Youtube.  I use these in my teaching of coaches and bowlers to demonstrate concepts of timing, release and lane play.  As a coach or bowler, these will help you by allowing you to view the videos offline.



How to Download PBA Videos for Viewing Off-Line with Your Students


ImageNOTE: I do not advocate copyright infringement.  This process comes about do to realities of viewers posting PBA and other videos from television broadcasts, both recent and historical.  As a coach, these videos can be used to demonstrate key fundamentals that all Hall of Fame bowlers utilize as well as to motivate your athletes with examples of excellence. Many of you have asked for videos to show your kids. So, in an effort to empower all coaches, here is a process to download videos for use on your computer.

This is a multi-step process. If you need assistance, please tell me. But, it will take some time to download the videos for use. So, give yourself a little time to learn the process.

(1) Go to
http://www.youtube.com Search for players (Pete Weber, Parker Bohn III, PBA, Tommy Jones, Norm Duke, Brian Voss, etc.). Once you load the video page for a video, cut the URL of the page. Keep this browswer open. It is best to load the entire video before step 2. I have included many below....

(2) Open a new browser window. Go to one of the following online download tools:



http://www.vixy.net (can create AVIs or 3gp for use on your phone or Pocket PC)
Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the entry field. It will download the file onto your computer.  The sites will download the file in a format in which you can not view it until you change the file extension.

(3) Single click on the file and right-click + re-name the file appropriately. After the file is downloaded, add a .flv to the end
(e.g., Weber_vs_Jones_2005.flv).

(4) Download many videos for use, at the local level, on your computer.

(5) To view the videos, you need to download a free FLV player. Go to
http://applian.com/flvplayer/?src=VideoDownloadPlay to download the free player.

(6) Once opened, you simply drag the .flv file into the player.  Or, you can open the file through the program.  Use the appropriate viewing program for the other programs.

(7) Happy PBA viewing....

To view many videos from the 2007 Season, just use the following link


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 18 September 2007 )
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