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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 21 July 2007
When I am working with bowlers, I often recommend to them to make a simple conceptual thought change about targeting.  Specifically, I ask bowlers to focus on throwing through their target rather than to their target.  As you read on, think "through" rather than "to".... It makes a huge difference conceptually in your mind which leads to improvements in a number of important bowling skills. 

Some readers might claim that this is merely a semantic argument.  But, I disagree.  Through is very different than to.... Most importantly, you paint a much different picture in your mind when you think through the target rather than to the target.  Hitting the target has historically promoted the idea of to the target.  But, bowlers are attempting to hit a target as an aid with the ball travelling through the target to the pins.   You can hit your target with many angles.  The key is to hit your target on a trajectory line that is intended.  So, "through-ness" will help you achieve this better than "to-ness."

Try it.  At your next practice session, envision the idea of throwing through your target rather than to your target. 

By this subtle conceptual change, you will find that you will likely throw more down the lane.  This will aid in the follow-through direction leading to other improved skills.  Often, a bowler changing to this mind set will find increased accuracy, improved trajectory, faster ball speed and a cleaner release.  Just think and visualize through the target rather than to the target.   At the highest levels, repeatability is critical.  And, throwing down the lane is an important follow-through skill.

With the 2-point or 3-point systems, this "throughness" idea is intended to be built-in.  Specifically, with both 2-point and 3-point, you are establishing points of reference to target through not target to....You line-up through the exit point.  With the 2-target system, you paint a line from a chosen visual target through the exit point.  With the 3-point, you use a visual through the exit point to the focal point.

To begin, you must tell yourself to do this.  In your pre-shot routing say it, think it.  Literally, think to yourself, "through the target.... Through the target.....  Through..... Through the target...."  In addition, see your future shot going-projected through the target when you visualize.  As you visualize, literally think through the target.  And, make a commitment to creating the new image before each shot.

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