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Written by Joe Slowinski   
Sunday, 20 May 2007

I present another in the Bowlingknowledge.info experimental tip series.  These articles are designed to help you experiment with some new concepts in an effort to provide more tools to utilize on the lane.  In this issue, I present an advanced pre-shot routine process.  It will allow you to be more purposeful and set the stage to execute more consistent shots, each time you throw the ball.  This tip is a 7-step pre-shot routine process.  I guarantee is will help you improve your shot-making quality. 


 Experimental Tip # 4: Advanced Pre-Shot Routine 

If you want to improve you shot-making consistency, utilize this pre-shot routine. 

1) Habit Ritual

Be sure to do the same routine, the same way, before each shot.  From drying your hand, wiping the ball, using rosin on your hand, etc.  By doing the same routine, exactly, you are setting your unconscious mind to repeat a good shot.  Commit the same level of energy to every single shot, including spares.  Do the complete habit ritual before spares as well. 

2) Release Rehearsal

Before stepping on the lane, complete three release rehearsal follow-throughs.  Place your hand down at your side.  Take three deliberate rehearsal with the specific release you want to achieve.  This sets-up your body to more accurately to achieve the release you want, throwing at full-speed. 

3) Music Archive

As you step-up onto the approach, recall a favorite song.  This aids in activating the whole brain and will allow you to throw a better shot. 

4) Check Your Feet – Check Your Body

As you set-up in the stance, be sure to check both your feet and your body.  This creates body position consistency.  If you are not purposeful here, then your swing and alignment with your target line can be inconsistent.  By taking a few seconds to set-up, exactly the same each time, you will enable yourself to repeat better shots. 

5) Target Lock 

After setting-up in the stance, lock onto your target(s).  Now, draw a dark black trajectory line.  As Tiger Woods says, putt to the picture you create.  In our case, we will roll to the picture.  Be sure to draw the thick black line that you have created with your ball path trajectory. 

6) Visualize

Visualize yourself throwing a successful shot over the dark line created in your mind. 

7) Breath

Breath-in, Breath-out, Go

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