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When it rains it pours! Aldo Samperio from the first camp in Mexico shot 300 last night. And, Arturo Gonzalez, from the 2nd camp in Mexico City, shot his first 300 last night at a different bowling center. And, a few days ago, Victor Vazquez from the 2nd camp shot 289. Lina Garcia Jimenez shot her first ever 700 on February 21st. Both camps were completed in mid to late January. Six weeks+ after training is often a breakthrough moment!  Coach Slowinski Conducted 13 days of training in Mexico City and the State of Mexico in January 2013.


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The Need for a Scientific Approach to Our Sport PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Sunday, 29 April 2007
 Ironically, the title of my monthly contribution to the Asian Bowling Digest suggests that bowling is a sport.  And, from my 37 years of experience in this addictive enterprise of bowling, including 25 years as a coach, I believe bowling to definitely be a sport.  Yet, the truth remains that bowling is understudied from a sport science perspective.   We, as a tenpin community, really don’t know much about what is needed to enhance human performance, whether it be an in-depth biomechanical or physiological understanding of bowling.   
Last Updated ( Sunday, 29 April 2007 )
Call for Papers: The Science of Tenpin Bowling PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Monday, 26 March 2007
In an effort to generate sport science knowlegde of tenpin bowling, I have launched an online journal/newsletter.  The Science of Tenpin Bowling will present articles on sport science from authors around the world who are creating new understandings of bowling as a sport.  Click to learn more and read the initial call for papers.  Please pass the word.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 27 March 2007 )
State of Our Sport: US Open 2006 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Tuesday, 06 February 2007
Here is my Jan-Feb 2007 article for the Asian Bowling Digest.  It focuses on the 2006 U.S. Open experience which saw a blizzard, a tie for the last qualifying spot and many challenges on the 40 foot flat pattern from hell.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 06 February 2007 )
How Good Are You? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 03 February 2007

I wrote this article to propose a different way to evaluate how good a bowler is....It was published in Bowlers Journal in 2003.  This article is an attempt to do just that - separate the sport from the game while finding a way to measure the true skills of the sport. At the very least, the proposals outlined here are designed to get the collective tenpin community to reflect on how we can measure overall performance with an increased use of statistics. By introducing more statistics into competitive play, as well as creating a bowling rating system, we can shift the measure of quality back on the complete game of strikes and spares. Such a system could lead to rewarding those who make an effort to excel in all dimensions of the game while providing incentive to improve.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 03 February 2007 )
Filling the Coaching Pool PDF Print E-mail
Written by Joe Slowinski   
Saturday, 03 February 2007

This article, published in Bowlers Journal, earned me a Third Place prize in Ebonite's International Bowling Writers Contest.  I discuss the state of bowling coaching and compare it with golf and tennis coaching.  Honestly, our sport is in a sad state of affairs....

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