Decisions & Self-Talk Realities

Journaling & shot tracking can help a bowler be significantly better as well as provide access to their thinking in the moment. With topographical realities, you want to treat each lane separately so having a journal format structured like my example below can help you focus on lining-up on each individual lane as a separate entity. Moreover, utilizing shot tracking allows you to anticipate lane transition enabling you to be proactive in your moves in future blocks. Journaling allows access to decision making rationale as well as mental game strengths and liabilities. When a coach has access to bowler decision making and a bowler can review their mental state aligned decisions, massive growth is possible. Most importantly, information is now available to discuss flawed decisions as well as better future solution choices. In addition, when you formally write down your thoughts, decisions, and rationale for these, you slow your thinking allowing clearer more appropriate understanding of these realities in the moment.

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